Forest School

Rimba Learning Center

We promote inspirational learning process, that offers opportunities for holistic growth through regular sessions. It is a long-term program that supports play, exploration and supported risk taking. It develops confidence and self-esteem through learner inspired, hands-on experiences in a natural setting.

We offer trained practitioners, who are constantly developing their learning styles and skills to support new and imaginative learners. Its roots reach back to the open-air culture, free air life, seen as a way of life in tropical setting.


1. Nurture a strong relationship and understanding on creation of nature and the relation with creation of human
2. Act as a bridge of connection for Anak-anak Orang Asli Kemensah on basic education
3. Foster an unlimited opportunity to enhance students’ ancient and life skills in the woods


1. Education and recreation-oriented ‘Open’ classroom
2. Unlimited opportunities to explore the ancient and life skills
3. Providing intrinsic value to teenagers from both urban and rural areas
4. To bring forth a nature-based learning experience by providing sets of activities and lessons to provide therapeutic remedy to any kind of community issues as well as addictions to alcohol, drugs and gadgets through the immersion in nature.