Outdoor Dining Package

You probably don’t need a guide to having fun outside, but we made one for you anyway. Some of the not-so-typical dinner setup are as follows: –

Romantic Outdoors

For a random dinner party or weekend fun with the family, we can provide a picnic hub with a table and a few chairs. This very romantic and rustic setting can be achieved with few shabby chic pieces, comfy pillows and a vintage iron candlestick holder.

It’s all about the lights

There’s nothing like well-thought-out garden lighting to instantaneously illuminate your space. Introducing the right lighting is a vital part of garden design; especially so you can be sure that socialising and relaxing alfresco style can go on long after the sunsets.

DIY Pasta Bar 

Who doesn’t love pasta? Make all different kinds, from rotini to spaghetti, ravioli to tortellini. Then, put out lots of sauce and topping options and allow guests to make their dream pasta bowl.

Nacho Night

Who doesn’t love nachos? They’ll love yours the best because you’ll give them different options for the base. Make a batch of fries, serve chips, and also have some baked bell peppers as options for the base of the nachos. Then, put out all the toppings, from cheese sauces, seasoned meats, vegetables, and more. Make sure to have a dairy-free cheese for anyone avoiding dairy.

Make Your Own Pizza 

I know you think this has been done before, but why not give it a fresh spin? Put up a few pictures of different, unusual pizza topping combinations and the toppings to create it. Your guests will have inspiration for their next pie without having to think too hard or resort to their old standby.

Finger Foods

Why not ditch utensils all together and only serve foods that can be eaten by hand? Slice up the basics of a Caprese salad and put them on short sticks for ease of eating, pre-slice bell peppers and put them in a cup with ranch on the bottom. Look for creative ways to make utensils obsolete.

Best Burgers

Don’t go small here. Get the very best burgers and every possible type of topping and sauce. Offer a bun-free version for those who eat a gluten-free diet. Hand-sliced and air fried fries, onion rings and sweet potato fries make it even better!


But not in the morning. Serve all the favorite breakfast and brunch foods for dinner instead. Fluffy, loaded omelets, eggs and bacon, toast, smoothie shooters, fresh fruit and more — just later in the day. Is there ever a time when pancakes aren’t delicious?

Glow in The Dark 

Maybe you’ve seen those restaurants where people dine in the dark. While you won’t make your guests do that, consider lighting the dinner with glow in the dark lights or settle for romantic mood lighting with candles.

Sports Themed

Brownies shaped like footballs, hissy fit dip with chips, burger sliders, mason jar painted like sports balls for drinks and more. Who needs a sports game when you can create a dining experience that will be a touchdown?

Time Period Theme 

Choose a period in history and design a menu around what would’ve been eaten during that time. This is especially fun if it’ll expose your guests to a delicious meal they’ve never tried.

Tea Party 

Create a tea party for adults, with tons of fresh scones, tea sandwiches and pots of tea. Keep the sugar cubes and cream handy for everyone to doctor their drinks, and serve tiered dessert trays for extra points.