fund raising

Fund Raising

Welcome to our Forest People Fund

Our Forest People Fund has been founded to preserve forests and to safeguard the wildlife habitats & the community of Orang Asli Kemensah by funding for the education towards forestry preservation Kebun Che Mah & its surroundings and rendering financial assistance for the needs of our neighbouring Orang Asli Kemensah as well as giving the basic necessities for the forest visitors.

“If you look at the map of the location of Orang Asli villages and forest areas in Peninsular Malaysia, you will find a high correlation between forest areas and areas where many Orang Asli still live. That shows they have protected and been guardians of the forest for thousands of years; it’s not about not using forest resources, but using it wisely.” – Dato’ Halim Tuah, CEO Kebun Che Mah.

What we have also learned is that some people are concerned about cuts in our quartz geopark while the visitors have been passing through our land, we feel responsible for their safety as well as providing them with certain urgent facilities such as basic hiking trail, toilets, cleanliness of the trail, their vehicle parkings as well as F&B.

And they normally do not shy away from us, but have often eagerly engaged in discussions about the importance of green maintenance for the environment whilst enjoying beautiful views of Kuala Lumpur from Kebun Che Mah.

Our Rimba Learning Center then brings forth a nature-based learning experience by connecting the nature and our children. The centre teaches the Orang Asli kids the basic education such as writing and reading, whereas other skills are social behavior, survival skill such as cooking, cleaning, body hygiene and other activities such as outing, celebrations and health awareness; the centre is also a place for the surrounding communities to get together especially for social & health awareness.

Forest People Fund once again reiterate that we should take steps to compensate Kebun Che Mah & the Orang Asli Kemensah for maintaining the land & surrounding forests in good condition for the public benefit, in lieu of the losses that will be suffered due to ignorance and lackadaisical attitude.

We believe that you can help ease our burden and show some act of kindness. For all these reasons above, we call for your supports to run the missions for economic & educational empowerment as our call of duty.

Falcon East Sdn Bhd is a management company for Kebun Che Mah