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The 1st Urban Farm in Malaysia

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About Us

Kebun Che Mah is located 243 meter above the sea level and only 20 minutes from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur. The farm sits on the longest Quartz Ridge in the world which is 14 km long and 200 meters wide.

Kebun Che Mah was co-founded and looked after by professionals from diverse fields with vast experience and passion in land exploration, agriculture, management and market development.

A 4×4 shuttle service can take you to the farm in no time, though you can choose to hike up to the hills for about 900 meters. And after a 20-40 minutes hiking, what better way to relax than to kick back and quench your thirst with fresh organic roselle drink that is grown on the land of Kebun Che Mah.

With such rare minerals in its soil, the durian plantation at Kebun Che Mah is not only organic but also different from other plantations. The fruits are exceptionally sweet and grown faster than the usual time.

Fruit lovers certainly should make their way to Kebun Che Mah as visitors can enjoy the produce of the various local fruit farms. Among the fruits you can expect to gorge on are Musang King durian, mangosteen, guava, papaya and rambutan; all local delights.

But it’s not just fruits that one can find here, as there is also ‘Offroad Cafe’ that serves local delicacies. Other recreations are camping, hiking and many other offroad activities including ATV, motor cross, archery and etc.

By walking through the forest you could find plants and trees of all kinds, some of which are incredibly aged and/or rare. Shutterbugs should also visit simply to capture some photographs of the beautiful landscape of both the city and the forest simultaneously.

Kebun Che Mah is definitely the option for you if you are thinking about going out of the norm and holding an outdoor venture or event


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Jarir Harun

I've tried the Musang King durian. It sure is delicious! Thick content, beautiful yellow color, sweet taste and bitter fats are really satisfied! Highly recommended

Zaidi Osman

If you want to have breakfast in the green atmosphere while enjoying the beautiful views of KL, you can come and try it here...

Akbar Hadi

Thank you for the 5 star service dr @kebunchemah. Overall, really satisfied. Eat durian until full. There are many types of durian, all delicious...

Farek Khalid

Durian orchard in the city of KL. great location n grade 1 durian!

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